Seismically Rated Isolator- Attachment To Steel Structure ( ICSS )
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Seismically Rated Isolator- Attachment To Steel Structure (ICSS)

Isotech’s ICSS Pre-Compressed seismically rated floor mounted restrained isolators with equipment support plate, provide vibration isolation and restraint for HVAC equipment for extreme events, mainly seismic and high wind load applications. The ICSS isolators are available in 1”,2”,3” and 5” deflection color-coded, powder coated springs and to offer maximum corrosion resistance, housing are hot-dip galvanized.  These pre-compressed isolators are engineered to limit vertical and lateral movement of supported equipment and provide resisting force for seismic and high wind loads. The side limit bolts built within the snubbers allow for significant fluctuation in operating weight while preventing additional stress on connected piping, by limiting the upward lift of the equipment when drained for service purposes. All models use uniquely engineered springs that are designed to provide a minimum of 50% additional travel to solid and are powder-coated and color-coded for superior corrosion protection and ease of identification. All other hardware is zinc plated, including the adjustment nut, restraining bolts, and support rod. The housings are hot-dipped galvanized to endure a variety of environments. Applications include indoor and outdoor mechanical equipment isolation with lateral loads and changes in operating weight, located in seismic zones or where wind loading could be an issue.


Competitive Advantages: ICSS is Pre-Compressed isolator and is engineered to meet all the requirements for HVAC application and to have a minimum of Kx/Ky = 1 and 50% over-travel and yet offer low profile spring design. This would be a significant advantage when there is a limitation in installation height. Isotech developed a line of springs that is incorporated into various isolation products and capacities by side to side and nesting combinations, resulting in minimum spring inventory and therefore reducing cost to provide Isotech with the advantage of selling at a competitive price. 

The housing is engineered and developed with high yield steel material that offers significant improved resisting uplift and lateral seismic capacities compared to equivalent competitors’ product, resulting in higher capacities for a lower manufacturing cost, therefore providing Isotech with the cost competitiveness over other vendors in the industry. The overall isolator has pre-compression feature, which offers the installing contractor system significant height saving and remarkable labor savings for the overall installation. For maximum corrosion protection, the housing has hot-dip galvanized finish.

Datasheets / Installation Instructions

ICSS-2- 5000-9000-datasheet