Rubber-In-Shear Double Deflection Floor Mount

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Seismic Rated Rubber-In-Shear Double Deflection Floor Mount (ISDR)

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Rubber-In-Shear Double Deflection Floor Mount (ISDR)

Housing and Threaded rod are made of high strength steel. ISDR housing  is designed and manufactured to provide minimum resistance of 1.2g for lateral seismic load. Housing is powder-coated for corrosion resistance

All directional snubber is made of reinforced neoprene and is designed to prevent metal to metal contact.  ISDR must be installed so that snubbing elements have 1/8″ to 1/4″  clearance with housing  under operating condition

ISDR  Double Deflection Neoprene Mount’s Bottom and Top surfaces are ribbed to enhance isolation efficiency

ISDR  isolators include steel inserts embedded in neoprene for the full top and base areas

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15-100, 105-160, 175-250, 275-350, 375-500