Seismically Rated Floor Mounted Spring Isolator ( IHSS )
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Isotech IHSS models are seismically-rated floor-mounted housed spring isolators that include single point for attachment to the equipment, and provide vibration isolation for HVAC equipment for seismic applications or equipment installed out door.  These isolators are mainly with concrete inertial bases or steel support bases, where isolators must be attached to supporting brackets.  With the addition of a hot-dip galvanized steel housing that allows the application of anchors and an integrated snubber that limits the movement to 1/8” in all directions, IHSS isolator provides resisting force, minimum 1g, for lateral load and offers vibration isolation for supported equipment.  These isolators use uniquely-engineered springs that provide a minimum of 50% additional travel to solid and are powder-coated and color-coded for superior corrosion protection and ease of identification. All other hardware is zinc plated, including the adjustment nuts used for spring adjustment. The IHSS isolator also comes with an all-directional elastomeric snubber to prevent metal-to-metal contact between item components.

Competitive Advantages: IHSS is engineered to meet all the requirements for HVAC application and have a minimum of Kx/Ky = 1 and 50% overtravel and yet offer low profile spring design. This would be a significant advantage when there is a limitation in installation height. Isotech developed a line of springs that is incorporated into various isolation products and capacities by side to side and nesting combinations, resulting in minimum spring inventory and therefore reducing cost to provide Isotech with the advantage of selling at a competitive price. 

IHSS Model – high capacity, up to 3500 lbs, has Pre-Compressed feature that offers a significant labor saving for installation and allows for the minimum overall installation height of the system. It also comes with shipping block/spacer, which would be a good indicator on when the isolator is perfectly adjusted once it is installed under the equipment.

The housing is engineered and developed with high yield steel material that offers significant improved resisting seismic capacities compared to equivalent competitors’ product, resulting in higher seismic capacities for a lower manufacturing cost, therefore providing Isotech with the cost competitiveness over other vendors in the industry. For maximum corrosion protection, the housing has hot-dip galvanized finish.

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