Seismic Snubber

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ISOTECH ISS-are intended to limit 1g lateral force and vertical equipment motion when placed at the base of vibration-isolated equipment and when also securely anchored to the building structure. Seismic snubbers are designed for use in locations that are subject to earthquakes, high winds, or other extreme external forces which may cause displacement of supported equipment. Made of heavy-duty steel, rubber and powder coated to provide maximum corrosion resistance. The snubbers remain out of contact during normal equipment / building operation in order that equipment vibration will not be transmitted into the building. Many applications may require only a pair of snubbers since these restraints are capable of withstanding forces in multiple directions, quantity required will be based on equipment needs. Seismic load calculation must be performed to ensure proper selection of product.

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100-450, 1200-2500, 500-1000


ISS-100-1000- datasheet
ISS-1200-2500 – datasheet