Heavy Duty Rubber-in-Shear Double-Deflection Floor Mount ( IDRH )
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ISOTECH IDRH Rubber-in-Shear Double-Deflection Floor Mount neoprene isolators offer vibration isolation for mid to high frequency applications. Static loads range from 350 -4000 lbs with 4 Hz natural frequency at maximum rated load. IDRH elastomeric isolators are color coded to identify load capacity. They are made from high quality neoprene with damping ratio of 5:1 for energy dissipation and excellent resistant to oil, well-suited for a broad range of industrial applications. They offer minimum 0.35” static deflection, and at 25% maximum deflection, they offer up to 0.7” static deflection. IDRH floor mounts are designed to operate at temperature range of -20˚F to +180˚F. IDRH includes ½” UNC Threaded center hole for equipment mounting and embed steel plate with two slotted holes on either side at the base for attachment to supporting structure.

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