Acoustical Grommet ( IGR )
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Acoustical Grommet (IGR)

Isotech’s IGR acoustical ribbed neoprene grommet washers are used to prevent metal to metal contact between anchors of bolts that attach equipment or isolators to the structure. In some application, non- noise sensitive, they can also be used to partially eliminate mid to high frequency noise from suspended systems.

Competitive Advantages: IGR with its unique circular grooves and geometrical shape can offer up to 0.35″ of deflection and can be considered as a double deflection vibration isolation neoprene mount, while any similar comparable product can only provide 0.13″ of deflection. This is a competitive advantage over all competitor suppliers in North America as this will guarantee much higher isolation efficiency.

Datasheets / Installation Instructions

IGR – Acoustical Grommet Washer