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Neoprene Hanger

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ISOTECH Neoprene Hangers -IHNSIHND are vibration isolation hangers used to dampen vibrations and isolate noise and vibrations from structures. They are most efficient for mi to high frequency noise and are used for ceiling-suspended mechanical equipment such as fans, ductwork, and piping. Proper reduction of vibration isolation provides more than just the elimination of nuisances; it also has benefits in providing the prevention of various problem such as, loosening of bolts, screws, and other fixtures. These products help prevent the disruption or damage to sensitive equipment when they are subjected to uncontrolled vibration. This design helps some high frequency depletion issues in a space and from emitting from the space to other surroundings. These hangers are great solutions for applications that don’t have restrictions to space.

Additional features include steel housing with powder coated finish to provide high corrosion protection and long service life. IHNS single element neoprene hanger with double deflection 3/8″, providing 15-600 Lbs. capacity. IHND double element neoprene hanger with topped bottom element with double deflection 3/4″ providing maximum efficiency for high frequency noise up to 15-600 Lbs.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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