Floating Floors


Floating Floors are typically used in the HVAC industry in mechanical rooms to reduce noise or vibration. It can consist of a glass fibre, felt or cork layer for sound insulation with neoprene pads holding up the finished floor, which may or may not include a concrete slab.

Isotech is capable of designing and supplying Floating floors that come in different combinations of materials depending on the area it is installed in and the required Sound Transmission Class (STC) levels required. It may be as simple as a single layer of rubber/neoprene below a finished floor, to a complicated floor with an air gap. neoprene pucks, double layer of sub-floor and concrete.

Floating Floors can be found in locations containing areas such as Generator Mechanical Rooms, Chiller Mechanical Rooms, Boiler Rooms, Main Mechanical Rooms, , symphony halls, opera halls, theaters, recording studios, libraries, galleries, auditoriums, music rooms, gymnasiums, exercise rooms, yoga studios, squash courts,  and on roofs between sensitive spaces and fly-by noise sources – any application that requires sound transmission to be reduced.

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