Wood Frame Ceiling Hangers IWCH


Secured to the web of wood-frame construction (e.g., joists, trusses), Model IWCH incorporates a one-inch (1″) rated deflection spring in series with a neoprene cup to resiliently support one or more layers of gypsum board. The unique design of the Model IWCH bracket allows the isolator to be installed on the joists to optimize ceiling height. A channel clip/leveling rod assembly is designed to carry a single piece of 1-1/2″ x 1/2″ 16-gage steel carrying channel. Drywall furring channel is attached to the carrying channel. The system provides the installer with a means for leveling the isolated ceiling framing. Gypsum board attaches quickly and easily thanks to a spacer bracket that holds the isolator rigid until the weight of the gypsum board compresses the spring. Incorporate Model IWCH into any isolated ceiling design where one-inch (1″) rated spring deflection and minimal reduction in ceiling height are needed for superior performance coupled with low-profile design. Typical applications include hanging acoustic ceilings.

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