Vibration Curbs IVC / ISVC


Model IVC vibration isolation curbs are roof curbs with integral and adjustable spring vibration isolators. Standard spring deflections available are 1”, 2” and 3”. Galvanized steel construction with a wood nailing strip for attaching field supplied and applied flashing is standard. IVC curbs can be constructed with a sloped bottom to match the roof pitch. As airborne noise and vibration are usually a simultaneous concern, complete systems are available incorporating vibration isolation, duct-borne noise control (duct silencers supplied by others), radiated noise control and flexible connections. Isotech ICR curbs are designed with internal reinforcing to resist seismic and wind loading specific to the project requirements, and stamped engineering calculations are submitted for approval. Isotech has the application expertise to ensure vibration isolation curbs are properly installed based on the unique requirements of each project.

Typical applications are rooftop mounted air handling units or exhaust fans which require vibration isolation and noise control.