Seismic Curbs IC / ISC


Model IC standard roof curbs are used to support equipment which does not require vibration isolation. These curbs are constructed from galvanized steel with a wood nailing strip for attaching field supplied and applied flashing. We also include a closed cell neoprene gasket to create a weather seal between the top of the curb and the bottom of the equipment support framing. Acoustic barrier panels can be supplied as an integral part of the curb to prevent radiated noise from exceeding the occupied space noise criteria. IC curbs can be constructed with a sloped bottom to match the roof pitch. Duct supports and/or dividers between supply and return plenums can be provided as well as internal insulation to minimize heat loss through the curb walls. Model ISC curbs are designed with internal reinforcing to resist seismic and wind loading specific to the project requirements, and stamped engineering calculations are submitted for approval.

Typical applications are rooftop units or exhaust fans which do not require vibration isolation due to low power ratings, mounting on grade or location over non-critical building spaces.