Isotech Engineering Services

Guaranteed Engineered Solutions

Isotech provides Guaranteed Engineered solutions for vibration Isolation, seismic restraint systems, floating floors, Engineered Pipe Risers and Architectural vibration isolation systems. These solutions are supplied according to specifications provided by Architects and Engineering Firms according to building code and/or owners’ demands for tender/bid documents.

Floating Floor Design and Installation

Isotech will prepare calculations and design drawings for floating floor systems to determine and show the floor neoprene puck layout according to the weight distribution of the floating concrete slab and equipment. The drawings will assist the contractors that choose to install on their own, in installing the materials properly and accordingly for the product to guarantee the required Noise Control (NC) level defined in the specification by the Engineer or in the Acoustical Report by the Acoustical Consultant. Isotech will also provide installation service for this product and provide a One-Year warranty for the performance and installation

Seismic and Wind Restraint Engineering/Design for Non-Structural Components

Isotech will perform over-turning calculations and design drawings to determine the seismic forces and wind loads for all non-structural components to meet the building code requirements. Non-structural components by definition are any components in the building that is not part of the structure, ie. Mechanical equipment, piping, ductwork and electrical systems.

Vertical Pipe Riser System Engineering/Design

Due to the extreme temperature difference at time of installation and operating temperature of the system, vertical pipes will thermally expand and contract resulting in excessive stress on the pipe risers that may cause damages. Based on the application, Isotech will design and offer the most cost effective solution to compensate for the thermal expansion and contraction and eliminate any stress on piping to guarantee permanent maintenance free pipe riser system.

Assist Acoustical Consultants in providing solution for vibration noise problems

Isotech will collaborate with Acoustical Consultants to resolve structure-borne noise issues on existing or new projects/sites. Isotech will work simultaneously with the consultant during or post site visits and review the building structure and floor deflection to determine the appropriate products. Isotech will then supply the required products to the installing contractor to resolve the structural-borne noise.

Extreme event engineering

Isotech offers services for specialty codes such as Unified Facility Classification (UFC) to meet Bomb-Blast and Anti-Terrorism requirements.

Site Visits, Final Inspection and Sign-off Letter/Report

Isotech will offer multiple site visits to train and guide contractors in installing the supplied Isotech products per design drawings to prevent future deficiencies.  Upon completion of the successful installation, Isotech will perform the final inspection as part of its services and provide a stamped sign-off letter by a professional engineer confirming the supplied Isotech products have been designed and installed per requirements of the owner, project specification and building code.