Concrete Inertia Base ICB


Isotech’s concrete inertia bases are designed to add sufficient mass under the supported equipment to lower center of gravity of overall system. With lowered center of gravity, start-up torque and/or vibration range of motion will be reduced. This arrangement, together with the application of vibration isolators (ICB) provides vibration isolation. ICBs are available in Rectangular, L shape and T shape pump configuration.

ICB can be combined with Neoprene Pads or Spring Isolators with 1”,2”,3” or 5” deflection. When used for seismic applications, seismically rated isolators must be used to provide sufficient resisting force for the lateral load applied to the overall system.

Competitive Advantages:  ICBs are designed to have vibration isolators at the corners, and inside the steel frame. This would require minimum foot print for house keeping pads. For seismic application, where edge distance for the anchor is important, this arrangement and having more distance to the edge of concrete offers a significant advantage.







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