Ceiling Isolation Hangers


The Isotech series of spring ceiling hangers can support ceiling assemblies providing 1” spring deflection. The models offer a powder-coated compression cup and a galvanized steel housing.

Competitive Advantages: The assembly is pre-compressed to allow for ease of installation for the ceiling T-bar grid or frame and reduce labour for proper adjustment of the springs. Springs are engineered to meet all the requirements for HVAC application and have a minimum of Kx/Ky = 1 and 50% overtravel and yet offer low profile spring design. This would be a significant advantage when there is a limition in installation height. For the safe installation of the equipment, the housing is engineered to tolerate up to five times the isolation design capacity. The neoprene cup supporting the spring at the bottom and the double deflection neoprene element at the top offer maximum efficiency for vibration isolation to attenuate both low and high frequency structure-borne noise caused by vibration. The various configurations and designs are available for different ceiling applications.

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